Wiebke Mechau - Maternity Practitioner/Night Nanny: Advice and Care for Parents and Babies

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Having a baby is a life changing event -amazing but also challenging- and it is essential to have good support. I can help you make these precious early weeks with your baby truly enjoyable. My goal is to help you understand your baby’s clues and reassure you, so that you feel confident and competent. I am there for all your questions about feeding, sleeping and baby care and to help you find the answers that are most suitable for your baby and your individual situation. Making sure that you get enough sleep and preparing nutritious meals for you is an important part of my services so you can enjoy the bonding with your baby and the experience of becoming a family. Another possibility is to hire me just for the nights to be able to sleep undisturbedly and recover faster. So please call me or send an e-mail for more information and let's see how I can help you have a great start with your baby!

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